The habits you have
on the Internet dictates
how vulnerable you are

The human factor to cybersecurity

Companies spend thousands of dollars to protect their sensitive data, critical infrastructure and employees from cyber attacks.

The human factor plays an important role to cybersecurity.

Miguel Angulo

The majority of data breaches occur due to human error. To minimize the human risk, it is important that people develop a sense of awareness towards cybersecurity. 

A process needs to be established to allow the removal of risky habits for habits that keeps productivity while keeping the risk low. If people learn, master and apply these basic cybersecurity concepts to their daily lives, the attack surface in organizations will decrease as people become more resilient to cyberattacks.

I am
Miguel Angulo

I am a security engineer and evangelist for the Office of the CTO at Check Point Software Technologies, contributing author, community and youth leader.

I provide training, tools and resources national partners need to create technology-driven initiatives, design solutions and professional services they can successfully sell and maximize revenue.

I am a contributing author of the book “Hispanic Stars Rising Volume II: The New Face of Power”. In this book I share my story, my experiences, my challenges and my successes, as immigrant in the U.S.

I am on a mission to minimize human risk by creating consciousness on people to change their habits for a better security posture when interacting with technology and navigating the internet. 

What i do

Beyond my objective of protecting people and organizations from cyber-attacks, my vocation is to care for people, share my knowledge in cybersecurity and help them to become more aware of cyber risk.

In addition to my current job, I work in three areas I am passionate about: Youth Leadership, Mentoring and Community:

Youth leadership

Youth leader for more than 15 years. I teach biblical and core lifetime values, as well as help students to develop leadership skills.


As a mentor, I share with students the importance of obtaining a college degree, the contribution they will provide to their communities and the value of working hard to achieve their dreams.


I am actively engaged with my community working in projects to develop educational programs in cybersecurity to help people acquire the skillset needed to join the workforce in cyber.

I have been serving as Christian Youth Leader at Evangel Church for more than 16 years. I teach biblical and core lifetime values to students whom find these values beneficial for development of their leadership skills.

I am also participating in a role model program through HISPA, a non-profit organization that focuses on inspiring Latino students to discover their potential and embrace education to achieve their success. During the school year, I meet with students and share my story as immigrant. I share how I overcome my challenges, and how I succeeded. I also share what is like to be engineer in cybersecurity.

As member of Cloud Security Alliance, I actively participate in the NJ chapter with other fellow members to raise security awareness and best practices for cloud computing, assist with training in cloud security and career growth.

I am an advocate for more representation of Latinos and woman in cybersecurity. Currently, the cybersecurity industry is short 3.4 million workers and the demand for talent in this area is high. I work in partnership with organizations that promotes Diversity, Equality and Inclusion to incorporate cybersecurity programs to help Latinos find jobs in this field.

Miguel Angulo as speaker

“70% of the workforce works remotely. These new conditions are the perfect cocktail that cybercriminals need to attack people”.

Miguel Angulo

Cybersecurity Evangelist

I specialize in talking about issues pertinent to Cybersecurity, bringing a message of awareness to people. I feel in the moral obligation to warn them about the risk they are exposed to if they do not make change of their mindset and their attitude towards cybersecurity.

I am a security engineer at Check Point Software Technologies and evangelist for the Office of the CTO.

Through conferences and panels, I promote best practices and the importance of being aware of cybersecurity.

My goal as a speaker is to become a vehicle to awaken knowledge in people, inspire wisdom, and share my experience to create solutions, solve technological problems, and make a positive contribution to today’s world.


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